“If you can meet with triumph and disaster

And treat those two imposters both the same…”

—Rudyard Kipling

 Can you remember as a young boy watching in awe at your father shaving over the vanity? The strange utensils, the interesting smells, hair where you didn’t have any, then finally the time when he let you lather your face and showed you how to run the blade over your skin, and how you couldn’t wait to be a man like him? Grooming holds the right of passage into manhood. Triumph & Disaster is a range of male grooming products that we’ve recently picked up at Black Box. Described as shaving and skincare tools built with old fashion values and a little antipodean swagger, the collection holds all the character and ritual of what it means to be a man—a good looking, nice smelling, strong standing, gentleman. Products include an ‘Old Fashioned Shave Cream’ that smells like a Turkish barbers shop; a moisturiser called ‘Gameface’; and a ‘Shearers Soap’ so powerful it will even wash a dirty conscience clean. Made with New Zealand ingredients such as Horopito oil and Ponga extract, Triumph & Disaster utilize the best of nature and the best of science, to produce conscientious, clean products. The name Triumph and Disaster was inspired from a poem by Rudyard Kipling called ‘If’, written for his son, about humility, honour, risk and reward—timeless advice on how to be a man. “If you can meet with triumph and disaster/ And treat those two imposters both the same…/ Yours is the Earth and Everything that’s in it,/ And—what is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!”

 Come check out our select range in Black Box right now.

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