-I don’t want to be interviewed by you!
-Why not?
-I don’t want to be judged.
-I don’t judge.
-No, not you, but everyone, reading about my uninteresting life.
-Don’t be like that.
-Are you writing that…?
-The interviews started. It’s my new style of journalism, we write the interview together.
-If you want.
-Let me read what you’ve written… STOPPPP MAKING STUFF UP!
-What are you going to write about?
-I’m the most uninteresting person that works at Black Box: I’m a gluten free, dairy free, retail assistant, that just quit smoking and drinking, who doesn’t go out.
- But that is only a recently. Obviously you had a good reason, why the sudden change in lifestyle…?
-‘Cos I get crazzzzzzzzy.
-So, you’re the new manager at our Surrey Crescent store. How do you like Black Box?
-I like working with the rest of you crazy fruit loops.
-What are you going to dress up in, so I can take your photo?
-What do you mean?!
-For the blog. How about that silky Therese Rawsthorne number we just got in?
-What then?
-I’d prefer this new Brixton beanie.

Scarlet wears new season Therese Rawsthorne top and Dr. Denim jeans. Rheno and Scarlet wear Brixton beanies. 



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