Nothing like a sample sale to brighten your Black Friday. We have channelled the fashion spirits and opened up a medium to the other side. The other side of what you ask? The fashion industry… wooooooooooooo! [Errie noises, furniture rattling, ice cold drafts.] The beautiful witches at Public Library are throwing a Sample Sale Séance this Friday the 13th. Make contact with Lonely Hearts, Maurie & Eve, Therese Rawsthorne, Ksubi, and Vanishing Elephant samples. Everything will be uncannily cheap. There will be exclusive styles that never saw the light of day: shoes, heels, dresses, blouses, coats; garments brought back from the grave of next season! Spine-chilling. Ask the staff at Black Box Surrey Crescent for the secret handshake that will gain you access to Public Library. [Mysteriously situated behind Black Box.]

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