Lover will now be available at Black box..

Lover is one part of two people. The label’s creators, Nic Briand and Susien Chong, are living proof that beautiful things have a momentum all their own. From a humble Bondi market stall to runway shows at the Sydney Opera House, the two have lived and breathed life into their work; the result an influential brand with a signature style all of its own staying true to its romantic ideals from day one.

Self described as, ‘same album different songs’; the LOVER aesthetic is one of contrast and paradox. Like all passionate relationships, success lies in the tension. Soft silhouettes meet sharp tailoring; white lace fights with black silk over red denim: LOVER is loud and irreverent, but at the same time soft and fragile.

An ever-changing monument to defiant youth, natural wisdom, and feminine charm we are proud to announce that this coming August, LOVER will be stocked at Black Box The Department Store. Check out the teaser for Lovers new collection here.

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