Interview with Lucy Folk

Melbourne-based jewellery designer Lucy Folk has just released her debut eyewear collection. To design the new line Lucy teamed up with top eyewear designer Sunshine Bartrand, who also designs for Kenzo and Victoria Beckham. Not only did Lucy collaborate with Sunshine, but she also brought onboard i-D Magazine’s Fashion Editor Julia Sarr-Jamois to design the ‘Juicy JSJ’ style.

Julia Sarr-Jamois & Lucy Folk

Above: Julia Sarr-Jamois and Lucy Folk wearing Lucy Folk Eyewear

As the new styles arrived in at Black Box last week, we managed to catch up with Lucy to ask her a few questions about her endeavour into eyewear and her iconic design team.

This is your first eyewear collection, what pushed you to venture into eyewear? Has it been something in the works for a while?

I have always loved being in the sunshine and hence sunglasses are a necessity of that! I also have a love of sunglasses in general – so over the years, I’ve grown quite the collection of them!

One of the things I want to do with my brand is naturally extend beyond jewellery but in a way that compliments my core business. Sunglasses is my first foray into this and because I have such an interest in them – it all came rather naturally!

Collaborating with both Sunshine Bartrand and Julia Sarr-Jamois on the collection must of been pretty amazing. How did this legendary team come about?

Sunshine and I grew up together in Melbourne. We have been friends for years, so when we were together last year in Paris we started talking about how fun it would be to work on a creative project together - because of her extensive background in eyewear (she designs the eyewear for the likes of Kenzo and Victoria Beckham) we thought sunglasses would be a great thing to do together!

Julia was brought in to collaborate with us on one of the styles, the ‘JUICY JSJ‘. I have long admired Julia’s style and use of colour and fun in her work, both as a stylist and as a person who really lives what she preaches in terms of fashion – so overall, its all been very organic and fun! And the best part – we are all really excited about the finished product!

If you had to choose one piece of Lucy Folk jewellery to be worn alongside each eyewear style, what would they be?

One of the fun things about Lucy Folk Eyewear is the fact that the sunglasses have been designed with their own custom eyewear chain. On the tip of the arm of the sunglasses there is a triangle where these eyewear chains are hooked into. These were inspired by my iconic chain necklaces and brackets and match the eyewear category back to the jewellery category – hence its one brand, one look and feel!

Apart from the eyewear chains (available in either one plain colour – gold, neon pink, teal, navy or mint – or in multi colour) I think that the SWEET N LOW would look great worn with the Pearly Bon Bon Stud Earrings. The SHERBET BOMB would look fab when worn with a set of the Jawbreaker Rings and Necklace. The JUICY JSJ would look with an artful of slap bands and Ice Cream Scoop Bracelets!

What surprised you the most when designing and producing eyewear? Was the process relatively similar to jewellery?

The lead-time with designing, sampling and producing eyewear is insane! It takes over 12 months from start to finish so I find that its a lot harder to predict styles based on trends than it is with jewellery. Working with Sunshine I learnt a lot about the design process. It is a lot more technical and there are so many more things to take into consideration! We were lucky enough to have our sunglasses manufactured by one of Italy’s leading eyewear factories – they make for Marni, Balenciaga and Illesteva – hence the end result re: quality and durability is insane! The lenses are made with CR39 Zeiss Lenses (the best money can buy) and the frames are made with Italian Acetate so it’s top shelf! Plus I designed up my own custom eyewear case and cleaning cloth so you get the whole packaging when you buy a pair of Lucy Folk Sunglasses!

Julia Sarr-Jamois

Above: Julia Sarr-Jamois and Lucy Folk

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