Interview with Jaime from Sugar Mountain

Sugar Mountain is a new local jewellery label that we are pleased to welcome to Black Box Boutique brand family. As the debut collection dropped in store last week, we managed to catch up with the designer Jaime Cassie to ask about her endeavour into jewellery and the inspiration behind the new range.


Above: The Sugar Mountain debut collection campaign

Releasing your debut jewellery line must be very exciting. Tell us a bit about your endeavour into jewellery and creating the Sugar Mountain brand…

Sugar Mountain was born out of the desire to be wanderlust – I needed something creative to fit in with our endless summer dreams. We recently left the city chasing the sun, so Sugar Mountain is home wherever I am. Somewhere to be free and express myself and what we discover along our journey.

How did you choose the brand name Sugar Mountain?

I think Neil Young chose it for us.

What were the main influences behind the designs in the debut collection?

Endless Summer. Our new life with the rising sun, and rising moon each day. Astrological guidance and peace between the elements.

If you had to describe the ‘Sugar Mountain Girl’ in five words, how would you describe her?

Sun-drunk and wandering.

Personally, what pieces of jewellery are your ‘go-to’ or everyday pieces that you cannot live without?

The single Sugar Mountain Moon Stud, with the rest of my ears full of tiny little silver and gold nose-studs from K Road’s ‘Third Eye’, a vintage Virgin Mary Mexican ring and a tatty friendship bracelet that never comes off.

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Sugar Mountain Jewellery

Sugar Mountain Jewellery

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