Interview with Adriana Giuffrida from POMS

Pared x POMS 'Gatto' at Black Box Boutique

We recently received the highly-anticipated Pared x POMS ‘Gatto’ eyewear range. With the combination of the cat-eye shape and Swarovski crystal charms, these guys are the it-sunnies of the season. We caught up with POMS designer Adriana Giuffrida to ask her some questions about the collaboration line.

This is your second collaboration range with Pared. Where did the name ‘GATTO’ come from?

Gatto is the Italian word for cat, so we thought considering the frame is a cat eye, the name Gatto would be appropriate.

The Swarovski Crystal Earring detailing on the side of the glasses is something nobody else has done before. How did you come up with the idea for this?

We were throwing around a few ideas that would marry our two brands together, we played around with the idea of having jewels on the frames, but this wasn’t quite working, and then I had this idea of truly accessorising the frames themselves, I loved the idea that the sleeper could be personalised, and that you could wear them as earrings or as an accessory on the frame.

The campaign for the line is really cool and having Martha AKA Banoffee involved must of been fun. Tell us a bit about the idea behind the campaign, and you decision to have Martha has the face of the line.

The inspiration behind the campaign was a lot to do with Neneh Cherry in her Buffalo Stance days, particularly her film clip ‘ManChild.’ We wanted to make a video for this range, and I had met Martha a few months before and couldnt stop thinking about how great she would be in this style of clip, as it is kind of her aesthetic. It helped that she was already a fan of POMS, and we had such a fun day making the clip. We shot the whole thing in a green screen room, and I was in a full one piece green suit dancing around her, but I didnt make the cut in the final vid.

Who is the ultimate ‘GATTO’ girl?

I want everyone to be a Gatto girl!  but If I saw Neneh Cherry in them though, that would be incredible.

POMS + Pared, Gatto (cat) ft Banoffee from Nathan Ceddia on Vimeo.

Shop the Pared x POMS ‘Gatto’ collection online now.

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