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Interview with Marta of Martina Organics

1384366_210385385808244_891903795_nAbove: Martina Organics campaign

Martina Organics is one of the few skincare ranges we have handpicked to sell at Black Box. Created by Marta Camara, Martina Organics is a local artisanal skin care range that uses certified organic ingredients. We caught up with Marta to ask her a few questions about the oil-based range, her lifestyle and why she started the brand.

How did Martina Organics begin?

I’ve always been inspired by good quality organic products that have integrity. Ever since working at a natural skincare shop called Nature Unplugged when I was 20, I’ve wanted to create my own superlative products and help people with their skin. At the start of last year I quit my day job in advertising, created a brand, packaged the products and launched them to the market just over a year ago.

The Martina Organics three step system is quite different from other skincare ranges. How do the products work differently from conventional skincare?

My products are made out of 100% organic ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives in quantities that are actually beneficial for the skin, they aren’t watered down and full of chemicals like a lot of other products on the market are, which increase the chances of skin irritation and allergic reaction. So with Martina Organics your skin receives all the benefits from the strong active ingredients and your body isn’t absorbing any nasty stuff.

Oil cleansing is simple method which most people are unaware of, is it suitable for all skin types? What are the most common benefits?

Yes all skin types benefit from using oils. A lot of people think that using oils are going to clog your skin, but dry botanical oils are made up of the same molecular structure as the skin so your skin absorbed the oils easily without clogging the skin, and your skin is still able to breath.


Above: Martina Organics Oil Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser

The cleanser and moisturiser are made up of an incredible combination of oils. How did you choose which oils to use for each product?

I’ve been researching and creating batches for years, so for me it was all about using the best organic ingredients I could source, which all have proven benefits.

Beside from Martina Organics, what do you like to do in your pass time?

Listen to a lot of music, love reading, love drawing, hanging out with friends and family, love going to the beach and having picnics and I travel as much as I can.

What are your everyday beauty and wellbeing must-dos?

I start every morning with a glass of lemon warm water, followed by one litre of water before breakfast, then I usually try to go for a walk which I find relaxing and peaceful before I start doing any work, then yoga and massages in the evening when I can.

What is one beauty product you couldn’t live without? Other than your products..

Flaxomega capsules.. So good for healthy skin, brain function, and joints.

Click HERE to shop Martina Organics.

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I had a chat with Jimmy Mac on the phone recently…

-I’m after a One Teaspoon, Random Dinky dress.
-Sorry man, all out.
-How about the One Teaspoon, Strange Attraction Pinkie dress?
-Yeah we go two eights and a ten.
-Where the fuck do they come up with these names?
-Hahaha, I don’t know man!
-How’s Taka?
-Hey, was thinking I could ask a few questions on you for the blog?
-Yeah, for sure.
-We could do it now?
-Yeah, why not.
-I’ll introduce you as Jimmy Mac: drummer, lover, and a fellow Black Box brother. You’ve played drums for a number of talented band’s like DHDFD’s, Popstrangers, and your girlfriend, Ruby Frost. When you’re not on tour, you work at Black Box. Anything you’d like to add?
-Ummm, I don’t know – what do you add to that?
-Your favorite brand at Black Box is One Teaspoon.
- Hahahaha. No.
- You just got back from touring with Ruby Frost. How did that go?
- Good. Sort of. It gradually got better. Tauranga sucked. Not the people, but the sound. Hamilton was filled with drunks. Then Wellington and Auckland were good.
-Haa. New Zealand. You once told me the story about how you and Jane (Ruby Frost) got together. How you drummed for her first, and only later started seeing each other. That it was a trip to the U.S to play The Viper Room and a New York CMJ Showcase, between steamy looks across the stage and lots of heavy drumming, that the magic finally happened. It must be hard to beat that tour story. Got any others, though?
- Not really. I got a tattoo after the Viper Room. A little Mexican guy. It’s the worst font ever.
-Of a little Mexican guy, or a Mexican guy did it?
-A little Mexican guy did it. In the worst font ever. Jaggered and shitty.
-That’s awesome though, to have that.
-Yeah, I kind of love to hate it.
-Your nick-name is ‘Sticks’. Any thoughts to how you’re 6’2 and a size 28 Ksubis? I thought drummers were supposed to be buff. Stove pipe jeans look like straight legged chinos on you!
-No comment?
-Indian genetics, man.


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George Vause: The Exclusive Interview

-So you recently debuted on Shortland St. How hard was it to leave your dream job of manager at the Black Box Outlet for the days off while you shot the episode?
- Well, it was hard to adjust. I spent the first few hours on set asking if everybody was okay just browsing.
- What was your character called again?
-Nathan Keller.
-Nathan Keller sounds like the name of a sexual deviant. If he came into the Black Box Outlet, what sort of gear would you dress yourself/him in to, ummmmm, not make him look like a sexual deviant?
-On the show Nathan Keller spent his days as an entrepreneur, and his nights at the swanky Shortland St bar called the Ivy. So I’d use my knowledge as the best sales assistant in Ponsonby to get him into one of our Vanishing Elephant suits. This would enable Nathan Keller to exude business swagger but stay in touch with his youthful personality. To accentuate his character as a young entrepreneur I would complement the suit with a pair of Stussy/ Vanishing Elephant collaboration brogues. These will draw attention to his timeless style, balance his good looking face, and make the transition from the office to the club that much smoother. I’d be sure to let Nathan Keller know that he saved 50-70% off everything he is dressed in so he’ll be able to throw down more money at the Ivy.
-I think if your character was wearing brogues and a Vanishing Elephant suit on Shortland St he might have actually got it on with Lana.
-Naaaaa, the only reason she didn’t hook up with me was because she became a lesbian.
-Have you found that fame on Shortland St has made your role of manager at Black Box Outlet easier?
-Ummmmm, I guess. It has made it kind of interesting. I find it hard sometimes to acknowledge customers in the store because I’m too busy watching my episode on TV on demand. Other times I answer the phone as Nathan Keller. But over all sales have gone up tenfold. I find it much easier to up-sell to fans. Especially when I slip into my Shortland St role. A signature always helps. Sometimes I sign their docket even if they don’t ask for it.
-Are you answering these questions as George Vause or Nathan Keller…? The real George I know is far more humble.
-It is just as easy to write awesome characters into Shortland St scripts, as it is to write bulllshit into interviews, Ryan.
-Maybe you could use your influence at Shortland St to get me a job as a screen writer.
-I could, but I probably won’t.
-Back in the 60′s Warhol did a number of short films called ‘screen tests’. He compared them to ‘silent film portraits’. Do you think if I took one of you I would be able to pick if you were acting as George Vause or Nathen Keller?
-Maybe I’ll play someone else.
-Can you play Jae Mills?
-Maybe I’ll play you.

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Photography: Benjamin Ward

-The Hill!
-Yeah boi!
-The boss wants me to do a blog post on the new Brixton hats we just got into Black Box.
-You’re the New Zealand agent aren’t you?
-Buy me lunch and you can tell me all about it.
-See you in a little bit.

(Half an hour later: STEM DISTRIBUTION.)

-The Hill!
-Yeah boi!
-Where are we going for lunch?
-I’ve got a better idea.
-Let’s get some beers and go to the beach.
-Yesthhh ehhhh. Perfect.
-Yesthhhh ehhhh.
-The boss wants us to take our own photos.
-Yessthhh ehhhh.
-What hats do you want to shoot?
-Depends what you want. Hats say a lot about someone’s personality.
-What personality am I?
-(Mark Hill looks me up and down.) You’re fucked oi.
-Peaks are pretty tough. Toughen you up. (He passes me a flat peaked ‘Landon’)
-What do you reckon?
-Tyler the Creator oi.
-Tough aye, oi?
-So hot cakes.
-How about this one? (I grab a floppy wide brimmed ‘Tiller’.)
-Here comes the sun baby baby.
-Yesthh ehhhh George Harrison.
-What hat do you think I will suit?
-You can have this one. (Passes me a grey brimmed ‘Jones’.)
-Now we’re cooking Jack White!

(Ten minutes later: HERNE BAY)

-High tide. BINGO!
-Pristine goodness!
-Here, have a Pacifico.
-What’s Pacifico?
-Best beer ever.
-Not bad.
-I got you a bourbon & coke too.
-Now you’re talking my language!
-What do you think the waters like?
-Chilly pippi.
-Shall we go for a swim?
-Yesthh ehhh!

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-I don’t want to be interviewed by you!
-Why not?
-I don’t want to be judged.
-I don’t judge.
-No, not you, but everyone, reading about my uninteresting life.
-Don’t be like that.
-Are you writing that…?
-The interviews started. It’s my new style of journalism, we write the interview together.
-If you want.
-Let me read what you’ve written… STOPPPP MAKING STUFF UP!
-What are you going to write about?
-I’m the most uninteresting person that works at Black Box: I’m a gluten free, dairy free, retail assistant, that just quit smoking and drinking, who doesn’t go out.
- But that is only a recently. Obviously you had a good reason, why the sudden change in lifestyle…?
-‘Cos I get crazzzzzzzzy.
-So, you’re the new manager at our Surrey Crescent store. How do you like Black Box?
-I like working with the rest of you crazy fruit loops.
-What are you going to dress up in, so I can take your photo?
-What do you mean?!
-For the blog. How about that silky Therese Rawsthorne number we just got in?
-What then?
-I’d prefer this new Brixton beanie.

Scarlet wears new season Therese Rawsthorne top and Dr. Denim jeans. Rheno and Scarlet wear Brixton beanies. 



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