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Introducing ‘The Ambition to Create Novel Expression’: or, better known as the creative collective, Acne. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1996, Acne had the simple ambition to produce desirable products. Not only a clothing brand, Acne’s vision has led to diverse assignments in advertising, graphic design, and television production. The secret to the labels success has been described much as their aesthetic – organically cool.  A perfect example is their impressive bi-annual publication Acne Paper. Available now at Black Box The Department Store, we are excited  to offer you one of the world’s most sort after denim labels. Just in time for the weekend, too!


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I had a chat with Jimmy Mac on the phone recently…

-I’m after a One Teaspoon, Random Dinky dress.
-Sorry man, all out.
-How about the One Teaspoon, Strange Attraction Pinkie dress?
-Yeah we go two eights and a ten.
-Where the fuck do they come up with these names?
-Hahaha, I don’t know man!
-How’s Taka?
-Hey, was thinking I could ask a few questions on you for the blog?
-Yeah, for sure.
-We could do it now?
-Yeah, why not.
-I’ll introduce you as Jimmy Mac: drummer, lover, and a fellow Black Box brother. You’ve played drums for a number of talented band’s like DHDFD’s, Popstrangers, and your girlfriend, Ruby Frost. When you’re not on tour, you work at Black Box. Anything you’d like to add?
-Ummm, I don’t know – what do you add to that?
-Your favorite brand at Black Box is One Teaspoon.
- Hahahaha. No.
- You just got back from touring with Ruby Frost. How did that go?
- Good. Sort of. It gradually got better. Tauranga sucked. Not the people, but the sound. Hamilton was filled with drunks. Then Wellington and Auckland were good.
-Haa. New Zealand. You once told me the story about how you and Jane (Ruby Frost) got together. How you drummed for her first, and only later started seeing each other. That it was a trip to the U.S to play The Viper Room and a New York CMJ Showcase, between steamy looks across the stage and lots of heavy drumming, that the magic finally happened. It must be hard to beat that tour story. Got any others, though?
- Not really. I got a tattoo after the Viper Room. A little Mexican guy. It’s the worst font ever.
-Of a little Mexican guy, or a Mexican guy did it?
-A little Mexican guy did it. In the worst font ever. Jaggered and shitty.
-That’s awesome though, to have that.
-Yeah, I kind of love to hate it.
-Your nick-name is ‘Sticks’. Any thoughts to how you’re 6’2 and a size 28 Ksubis? I thought drummers were supposed to be buff. Stove pipe jeans look like straight legged chinos on you!
-No comment?
-Indian genetics, man.


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“My manners, abominable at times, can be sweet. As I grew older I became a drunk. Why? Because I like ecstasy of the mind. I’m wretch. But I love, love,” says the blurb under the Jamie Fame campaign video ‘From the Throne to the Fire.”

Brisbane label Jamie Fame is rock and roll. Inspiration pulled from the days of Woodstock and roughed up skater kids; collections are described as disgustingly wearable.  Think of clothing with that dirty loved in feel that comes from  having worn a garment  until it dies.

They are the gutter, they are the treble, the distortion, your best holey t-shirt, and your favorite worn out shoes. They are the wandering kids with days full of nowhere to be and everything to do.

Tired of  the ‘Prep’ fashion takeover Jamie Fame started as your quintessential underground garage brand. Now, Jamie Fame is the epitome of refined-grunge in boutique menswear. Keep an eye out in Black Box for their men’s, women’s, and footwear apparel. Also available online here.

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Lover will now be available at Black box..

Lover is one part of two people. The label’s creators, Nic Briand and Susien Chong, are living proof that beautiful things have a momentum all their own. From a humble Bondi market stall to runway shows at the Sydney Opera House, the two have lived and breathed life into their work; the result an influential brand with a signature style all of its own staying true to its romantic ideals from day one.

Self described as, ‘same album different songs’; the LOVER aesthetic is one of contrast and paradox. Like all passionate relationships, success lies in the tension. Soft silhouettes meet sharp tailoring; white lace fights with black silk over red denim: LOVER is loud and irreverent, but at the same time soft and fragile.

An ever-changing monument to defiant youth, natural wisdom, and feminine charm we are proud to announce that this coming August, LOVER will be stocked at Black Box The Department Store. Check out the teaser for Lovers new collection here.

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Dust of your glad rags; it’s Friday the 13th!

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